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HHC Isomer Calibrant Mix - D8THCV, 9R-HHC, 9S-HHC

HHC Isomer Calibrant Mix - D8THCV, 9R-HHC, 9S-HHC

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HHC and D8THCV Isomers Calibration Set

The calibration kit is developed to last a month with a calibration set to be used once every two weeks. A calibration check is to be conducted at least every other day or as desired by the end user. Our pre-formulated HHC and D8THCV calibration kit is designed to save you time and money when testing these isomers for potency analysis. Coupled with our Cann-ID analysis report methods, our calibration kit will provide crystal-clear resolution of 9R-HHC, 9S-HHC, and D8THCV. 
  • The 3 cannabinoid calibration kit will be shipped on via FedEx overnight with dry ice.
  • These standards are intended for research purposes only.
  • *It's recommended to have at least a -30F freezer to store your calibration standards in.

What's Inside: 

  • 2 sets of calibrant levels
  • 5 calibration verification checks
  • Each vial will contain 40 µL of standard solution:
    • A: 1ug/mL
    • B: 5ug/mL
    • C: 10µg/mL
    • D: 25µg/mL
    • E: 50µg/mL