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GummyPak® Pro (50 Samples)
GummyPak® Pro (50 Samples)
GummyPak® Pro (50 Samples)
GummyPak® Pro (50 Samples)

GummyPak® Pro (50 Samples)

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Ionization Labs has developed the GummyPak® SPK, a sample preparation kit for Cann-ID clients to prepare cannabinoids suspended in gummy matrices for potency analysis via HPLC-UV. This sample preparation was utilized to achieve the Emerald Test Badge for 7-part Potency in Gummy for Ionization Labs ISO 17025:2017 accredited lab. This sample preparation kit achieves higher recovery for target analytes compared to other preparation methods when testing for cannabinoids in gummy matrices. Gummy matrices typically consist of sugars, starches, pectins, and gelatins.

Ionization Labs has three product options that utilize the GummyPak preparation. This includes the GummyPak Starter Kit, GummyPak Novice, and GummyPak Pro.

For you to be able to utilize the GummyPak, your facility will need to be equipped with a pipette that can distribute 10mL of solvent, a centrifuge capable of holding 50 mL centrifuge tubes, and a sonicator, vortex, or homogenizer to allow for quicker dissolution of your gummy product. If your facility does not have the supportive equipment, we suggest purchasing the GummyPak Starter or the required items to test your gummies.

The GummyPak will include HPLC grade acetonitrile, HPLC grade water, 50 mL centrifuge test tubes, GummyPak salts, and pipette tips. Along with these items, Ionization Labs will provide the standard operating procedure for testing gummies and technical support.

What's Included:

  • 500mL of HPLC Grade Acetonitrile
  • 500mL of HPLC Grade Water
  • (10) 10mL Pipette Tips
  • (50) Baggies of Sample Preparation salts

Each baggie of preparation salts contain:

  • 0.5g Sodium Chloride
  • 2.0g Magnsium Sulfate Anhydrous 

The salts are combined into one baggie and placed inside of the centrifuge tube. 

The instructional article on how to use the GummyPak SPKs can be found in the knowledgebase in or by clicking this link