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About Us

Ionization Labs is an ISO 17025:2017 accredited analytical testing laboratory that provides affordable and quick cannabinoid potency test results. Ionization Labs is registered with the TDA, USDA, and DEA to provide hemp testing services to participants of the 2018 Farm Bill. Additionally, we provide the world's first and only seamless chemical data platform: Cann-ID.

• Cann-ID helps hemp/cannabis operations scale their business by obtaining, authenticating, comparing, managing, and sharing chemical data in a secure and efficient manner. 

• Time is money. We save our clients countless hours of senior expertise. This savings in time and cost allows our clients to focus on product consistency, new product development, and risk reduction.

• Today less than 10% of operators inside the cannabis industry have in-house potency chemical data solutions. Tomorrow the world will demand it.

We're here to help you stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. Our platform makes testing cost effective, easier to use, and more reliable.


Global Partnerships for Global Solutions

•  We partner with world-class life sciences hardware manufacterers, Agilent Technologies & SICPA, the data security solutions provider.

• We provide a seamless data platform: Cann-ID.  

• Used to help hemp operations scale thier business by providing a reliable, in-house, potency testing  solution. 

Empowering Industries with Consumer Safety in Mind

• In the beginning, we met with cultivators and processors to make sure our mission aligned with our client’s goals. 

• The people who consume cannabis products expect products to be consistent, accurate, and safe especially from batch-to-batch with a specific brand.

The Cannabis Industry Faces Many Regulatory Hurdles

• From cultivation to processing, to concentrates, and ultimately the production of a finished product.

•  Testing is a hurdle for many, and we have solved for this problem.

• Our goal is to help your organization succeed.


Core Values

People - We are here to build relationships. To be our best, we must value our team, customers, partners, and community.

Innovation - Never blindly accept the status quo. The greatest innovations usually involve simplifying complex problems.

Trust - The best way to ensure that you are valuing the people around you is to consistently conduct yourself in a way that is worthy of their trust.

Passion - Find your passion and work relentlessly on that, otherwise, how are you going to have fun in your work? 

Fun - Life is too short not to be passionate about your work – enjoy it and have fun.