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About Us


Ionization Labs is an ISO 17025:2017 accredited analytical testing laboratory that provides affordable cannabinoid testing services with reliable turnaround times. With 24 hour or 72 hour turnaround times for test results, Ionization Labs is your solution for testing hemp products. Our team is dedicated to provide accurate, reliable, and verifiable analytical reports to ensure consumer safety and support businesses' reputations. Our cannabinoid profiling and analysis is done in our ISO laboratory located in Austin, Texas.

Accuracy - Ionization Labs ensures all ancillary testing equipment and analytical instrumentation are calibrated and working efficiently to provide accurate measurements. Our laboratory uses ISO 17034 certified reference materials provided to calibrate and verify our analytical equipment. All additional laboratory equipment is sourced from reputable suppliers and undergo consistent calibration through external providers. Additionally, Ionization Labs participates in various proficiency tests provided by Emerald Scientific and NIST to assure our customers about our staff, instrument, and method competency.

Transparency - Ionization Labs will provide customers and clients all of their data and information. This may include raw data packets, equipment used, and other relevant data. Our internal systems allow all of the information relevant to the sample results to be captured and managed. If customers would like this information, we will gladly provide the data and details relevant to the certificate of analysis (COA) they receive.

Reliability - Ionization Labs is dedicated and committed in supporting our customers, clients, and partners. We value meaningful customer support and will respond to inquiries as efficiently as possible. We hope to inform clients with integrous results and data so they can make informed consumer and business decisions.

Trust - Ionization Labs adheres to all regulatory and organizational requirements set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for 17025:2017 qualification. Our dedication towards compliance creates trust in our clients and partners.

Ionization Labs is registered with the TDA, USDA, and DEA to provide hemp testing services to participants of the 2018 Farm Bill. For additional information, please visit our state affiliations page to see other state hemp programs we are identified and affiliated with. Additionally, our laboratory provides customer service, sample prep and instrument consumables, and application support for the world's first and seamless chemical data platform for cannabinoid potency testing: Cann-ID.

  • Cann-ID helps hemp and cannabis operations scale their business by obtaining, authenticating, comparing, managing, and sharing chemical data in a secure and efficient manner. 
  • Time is money. We save our clients countless hours of senior expertise. This savings in time and cost allows our clients to focus on product consistency, new product development, and risk reduction.
  • Today less than 10% of operators inside the cannabis industry have in-house potency chemical data solutions. Tomorrow the world will demand it.

We're here to help you stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. Our platform makes testing cost effective, easier to use, and more reliable. 

Global Partnerships for Global Solutions

We partnered with world-class life sciences hardware manufacturers, Agilent Technologies, and data security solutions provider, SICPA, to provide exceptional services to our clients.

A channel partner of Agilent Technologies, Ionization Labs uses Agilent instrumentation at our ISO 17025:2017 facility and offers software and instrument support to Cann-ID clients.


Our partnership with SICPA enables users to have certificates of analyses (COAs) that are tamper proof. By having data time stamped into a KSI blockchain, the information becomes immutable and independently verifiable. Our issued COAs contain digital security seals that allow end users to authenticate and verify that the results on their report are correct and not manipulated.

Empowering Industries with Consumer Safety in Mind

In the beginning, we met with cultivators and processors to make sure our mission aligned with our client’s goals. The people who consume cannabis products expect products to be consistent, accurate, and safe especially from batch-to-batch with a specific brand. Testing product for quality assurance and quality control is essential to promoting healthy consumers. Ionization Labs has the solutions to do just that!

    The Cannabis Industry Faces Many Regulatory Hurdles 

    From cultivation to processing, and ultimately packaging and producing a finished consumer packaged good (CPG), testing can be a hurdle for many. Ionization Labs is here to solve your problems. Our goal is to help your organization succeed by providing analytical testing or alternatively, expedite internal cannabinoid potency testing integration.

      Core Values

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      2. Innovation - Never blindly accept the status quo. The greatest innovations usually involve simplifying complex problems.
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      4. Passion - Find your passion and work relentlessly on that, otherwise, how are you going to have fun in your work? 
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