Potency Tests

Ionization Labs offers a hemp test that is a comprehensive panel of 14 cannabinoids, including CBC, CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBN, CBCA, CBDA, CBDVA, CBGA, CBNA, THCA, THCV, THC-Δ8 (D8), and THC-Δ9 (D9).

This service offers guaranteed turnaround times on Buds/Flowers/Plants/Biomass, Capsules, Concentrates/Extracts, Distillates, Edibles, Gummies, Isolates, Tinctures, Topicals (roll-on products, lotions, creams, gels, salves), and Vape Oils.

Our process produces results at an unprecedented speed, and at a level of accuracy that is repeatable and defensible. All of our systems are regularly calibrated and checked daily. In 2019, we processed over 12,000 cannabinoid tests from over 9 states. Even in peak season, we will ensure you get timely delivery of your cannabinoid potency screening so you can make quick decisions, and sell your product faster than your competitors.

Accurate results of your hemp cannabinoid concentrations, along with the timeliness to receive the results, is key to the success of your business.

After your order is submitted, you will receive instructions for preparing and shipping your sample.

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