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Ionization Labs Recognized by the National Hemp Expo with Lab Testing Award in Kentucky

Ionization Labs today announced that they were recognized by the National Hemp Expo with the Lab Testing Award, bestowed upon the most innovative testing product at the Louisville, KY show. Their powerful Cann-ID potency testing solution is uniquely positioned in the cannabis and hemp industry as one of the most cost-effective, scalable, accurate, and reproducible testing solutions available on the market. With the recent legalization of hemp, it’s more important than ever to have an accurate, defendable potency testing solution given the potential volume of inter and intra-state hemp operations, layered with individual state cannabis laws & commerce.

The Cann-ID solution can test for 10+ cannabinoids (14 currently) with its sensitive and accurate HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) analytical hardware in less than 30 minutes. HPLC is considered to be the laboratory “gold-standard” for potency testing of cannabis, and has detection capabilities to PPB (parts-per-billion). This solution is incredibly scalable because of Cann-ID’s proprietary user software that has simplified an otherwise Ph.D.-level operational lab device and turned it into a commercial tool focused 100% on accurately testing the potency of cannabis and hemp flower and extracts. The Cann-ID solution has the option to be ruggedized to be field deployable mobile testing units, positioning it as an ideal solution for law and compliance enforcement agencies. Additional benefits are its access through a Cloud-based interface, allowing for secure ecosystem access to stakeholders across a Cann-ID data network.

“We want to be a positive tool for law enforcement and hemp industry players by giving access to immediate chemical data that can save both groups from loss from misidentifying hemp as marijuana. Loss from improperly identifying hemp as marijuana and having it rot in storage while a legal determination is made can cause tremendous fiscal damage to the farmer as well as create potential legal ramifications to enforcement by improper identification. We want to mitigate this through accurate data,” said Cree Crawford, President of Ionization Labs.

“We’re extremely proud that the National Hemp Expo recognized the unique applications of the Cann-ID solution for the hemp industry,” said co-founder Alex Andrawes. “With the legalization of hemp it’s of the utmost importance – for both growers and law / compliance enforcement – to have dependable, fast, and accurate testing available.”

“Given the recent legalization of hemp, many are still grappling with the ramifications of compliance across federal and state borders - as a Kentucky hemp farmer I see major applications of the Cann-ID testing solution in our industry,” stated Carson Nation of the National Hemp Expo.

“Ionization Labs’ Cann-id testing solution proved on-site with live testing in under 30 minutes and showed us just how much of a tool it can be for the hemp industry and we’re excited to honor them with the Lab Testing Award,” added Dustin Griffith, Producer of The National Hemp Expo.

Ionization Labs’ turnkey subscription solution for potency can play a key role in supporting government compliance and law enforcement in a fast and ever-evolving industry as a tool to identify cannabinoids levels in plant matter and products to determine levels of THC levels are below .03% (legally defined as hemp) or above .03% THC (legally defined as cannabis by many state and federal authorities). This can provide government compliance and law enforcement agents the means to perform lab-level analysis testing with minimal training on site. Additionally, their solution is also an affordable, accurate way for growers to ensure compliance as well as predictable and consistent crop results.

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