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Ionization Labs CEO Discusses Hemp Regulation & Current State of the Industry

In this podcast, Ionization Labs CEO Alex Andrawes discusses the challenges that hemp & cannabis operations face in regards to banking, insurance, and the overall state of the cannabis industry. 

Key Points:

  • Successfully detecting and measuring d9-THC is the main concern when it comes to potency testing your hemp or cannabis for compliance.
  • Once there is a solid potency testing protocol in place, you can then track and trace cannabis or hemp products through the entire product lifecycle. 
  • Once there is an ability to track and trace, pharmaceutical companies can feel more confident about product efficacy. 
  • Once the traceability is established, large pharmaceutical companies looking to get into the cannabis industry can put pressure on the government to provide regulation that can benefit the cannabis industry as a whole.

"The minute that the industry has access to banking and finance, then operators have a cheaper way of obtaining capital. It's very difficult to do because there are still banking issues at the federal level." - Alex Andrawes

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