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Ionization Labs Awarded Emerald Badges for Fall 2022

Ionization Labs has been awarded two new Emerald badges for successful proficiency test participation in the Emerald Test for Fall 2022. Ionization Labs received badges for potency in beverage and moisture analysis in hemp bud.  This highlights the laboratories ongoing commitment to good laboratory practices.

During Emerald Test participation, laboratories are provided proficiency tests that are manufactured by an ISO/IEC 17043 accredited PT provider. Once received, laboratories have a specific time period to prepare, analyze, and report sample results to Emerald Scientific. If results are within the accepted concentration range, laboratories are awarded an Emerald badge for their accurate analysis.

The Emerald Test evaluates several analytical laboratory components during the sample prep and analysis process. When preparing the sample, staff competency and supportive ancillary equipment are evaluated. During the analysis process, instrument, calibration, and method performance is assessed. Participating in the Emerald Test allows laboratories to ensure their processes are accurate and allows the lab to demonstrate adherence to current regulatory requirements.

By passing the Emerald Test for potency in beverage and moisture analysis in hemp bud, customers can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of their test results for these matrices. 

About Emerald Test

The Emerald Test™ Inter-Laboratory Comparison Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) Program provides cannabis and hemp testing facilities with a broad range of PTs to help meet their internal SOP, regulatory compliance, and ISO/IEC accreditation needs.

Introduced in 2014, The Emerald Test™ has consistently been offered twice per year, and is the longest running program of its kind. To ensure the quality of the PTs used in the Program, and the accuracy of the results, all PTs are produced by ISO 17043 accredited manufacturers. And in addition to those offered in the Program, individual PTs can be purchased at any time throughout the year.

Through the participation of labs around the world, The Emerald Test™ helps cannabis and hemp testing laboratories demonstrate competency, validate their measurement processes, and affirm their ability to meet regulatory requirements for licensure


Emerald Test

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