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Blockchain Verified COAs Available with Ionization Labs

With the rapidly growing hemp and cannabis industry and an increase in demand for cannabinoid potency testing, a new opponent towards the integrity of our industry has begun to arise: counterfeited and tampered certificates of analysis (COA). As a member of the industry, Ionization Labs strives to provide the most accurate and transparent results. In an effort to raise the standard in the industry, Ionization Labs is now storing all our potency test results on the CERTUS® Blockchain, as VERISEAL®

VERISEAL®, short for Verified - CERTUS®, where “Veri” indicates the results are verified through our ISO certified lab and “CERTUS®” indicates they are authenticated through the CERTUS® blockchain. With this industry-first approach any Ionization Labs COA lacking a Veri-CERTUS® QR code from early 2022 onward, can immediately be deemed falsified, corrupted, and/or altered.

Writing the original lab results and lab information to the CERTUS® blockchain makes a tamper proof copy of the data.

To authenticate Ionization Labs using Veri-CERTUS® is simple and can be done with any phone with QR code scanning abilities. First, scan the application QR code found on the COA (the smaller QR code) to download the free CERTUS® app from your respective app store. Next, using the CERTUS® App scan the CERTUS® Authentic QR code (the larger QR code) and this will now show the COA data as originally stored. Crosscheck the results on the CERTUS® with the results on the Ionization Labs COA. If the results are not matching the COA is counterfeit.

The CERTUS® blockchain utilized is a highly secure Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) blockchain through SICPA, meeting government standards worldwide. CERTUS® and SICPA use a tamper proof QR code which removes any possibility for the data to be modified, falsified, or corrupted.

  1. The ISO certification of the lab validates the accuracy of sample result data.
  2. Test results and COA’s issued through Cann-ID are automatically captured and secured using SICPA’s CETUS® blockchain KSI.
  3. Data can be verified by anyone with a mobile device validating on the CERTUS® ® secure website.
  4. The third-party blockchain authenticates the lab’s findings as presented on the COA
  5. Cann-ID not only supports easy access to important industry data it also secures and validates the authenticity of that data through high-level security anti-counterfeiting solution CERTUS®

Common Questions:

What is CERTUS® ?

CERTUS® is the branding of the SICPA service we are using to make your COA counterfeit proof

I get QR codes on my laboratories COA. What's wrong with that? 

It was good enough but as the industry evolves, we continuously innovate to provide our customers, theirs, and the industry better more secure solutions.The old QR code is simply for sharing , the CERTUS® Authenticity QR is to authenticate the results.

Does this share my data with the government? Am I going to get in trouble if my sample is illegal?

No, the data is not shared with the government or any other authorities.

Who has access to the data? Where is the data to be stored? Can I post this on my website?

Anyone with the COA can access this data which is stored on blockchain, and yes we encourage our customers to share their verified results!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email at or call us at (737)-231-0772. We will be more than happy to answer any questions, comments, or concerns.

The team at Ionization Labs / Cann-ID

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